TBM Opening Scene

You arrived mid-afternoon this day with a flood of travelers heading for Ravens Bluff’s HighLand Games and the Green Grass Holiday festival. Lucky for you, your stay at the infamous Brass Belly Inn, has been on reserve for a month and you have confirmation papers that take you through the whole week. It felt good to have a place to be as you can see that many arriving this day will be sleeping in the fields.

Your errands about the city kept you occupied longer than you had hoped, causing you to miss the annual Feast of Travellers held the eve of the Highland Games. You arrive at the Brass Belly Inn just as the sun sets and the lantern lighters begin working the streets. The atmosphere in the Inn is heavy with the history of Raven’s Bluff, having been built by one of the city’s founding fathers.

The Inn has few guests at this time, the usual lull between the supper crowd and the late night crowd. It is obvious by the still dirty tables and stacks of dishes being ferried to the kitchen that it had been quite full of people in the past few hours. A trio of the dancing girls are taking turns dancing on the Brass Belly stage while the other two play percussion and bells.

You have been told by the Bella Dissan, the Inn Keeper’s wife, that your room should be ready within the hour, plenty of time for you to settle in and clean up before the late crowd begins to show up for this evening’s rowdier fare. Though you missed the feast, you are shown the Traveler’s Feast menu to order a late meal.

The Great Hall is truly a magnificent room- featuring the Brass Belly war galley sitting in the middle of the area. The ship’s great Minatour figurehead greets patrons as they enter the hall, breathing the galley’s cooking smoke through her mouth and nose. The hall is open to three floors, the basement, the first, and the second floor, and seating is made available based on social status and gold in the pocket.

(your character will only see the main floor and the floor they can afford to be seated at)

The Great Hall basement area serves poridges, bread, and cheese for the common patron. Most evenings are filled with dice gambling, dagger throwing, and drinking the local beer and ale. One gold can buy a good evening for those careful with their purse.

The Great Hall main floor serves entree fare of the day, finer ales, beers, whiskey, and wine. Evening entertainment includes card gambling, darts, music, dancing, and acting. Three to ten gold is easily spent enjoying an evening meal and festivities.

The Great Hall second floor serves specially prepared and exotic dishes, serves luxury beers, wines, and whiskeys. Second floor guests enjoy box seats for first floor entertainment and dedicated wait staff available to meet every desire. New patrons to the ‘second floor’ are required to put down a fifty gold deposit, to help ensure they belong in second floor seating.

TBM Opening Scene

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