HighLand Games

Bring your silver

Bring your gold…

The biggest Green Grass Festival of the season is in Ravens Bluff, Vesperin.
  • The Highland Games,
  • the merchandise,
  • the Highland Games,
  • the gambling,
  • the Highland Games,
  • the bashes and balls, and,
  • of course, the Highland Games!!!!

Started in 1479 by Stanton Daylcor III of Ravens Bluff with support from the Golden Lord Donahoo Kibler of Tantras as the fairest competition across the Sea of Fallen Stars. The winter of 1488 has been brutal, providing a deep base of snow on the Northern face of the Earthfast mountains for this years sled and snowboard races and raging white waters for the kayak and swimming races. New to the games, in honor of a decade of games, are the Flying Iron Duels in the Daylcor Collaseum and the newly finished Douglass Ampitheatre.

The first Highland Games included a short list of martial and boating events on the marquee. It was an overwhelming success attended by a good number of ‘whose who’ from around the region. Each successive year has dwarfed the last.

This year’s annual Highland Games events include Archery, Gladiator, Bear Wrestling, Sledding, Snowboarding, Running, Throwing, Swimming, Animal Riding, Charioteering, Boating, Culinary, Brewing, Acting, Singing, Storytelling, Crafting, and Creating.

HighLand Games

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