Great Hall second floor

The Great Hall second floor has seen nobles and royalty from around the Sea of Fallen Stars coasts.

The walls and ceiling are carved panels depicting historical events set to storyboard. The floor is carpeted with a variety of bear rugs and the table tops are marble inlay. Dining chairs are carved wood inlaid semi precious stones and lounging chairs are upolstered with soft animal furs. Several exotic trophy mounts, including a dire polar beer and a Yeti which can be seen from the main floor, and a number of sculptures provides a surreal atmosphere.

For entertainment the second floor offers a pair of gaming tables, the box seats for the first floor’s evening entertainment, plush chairs and divans, and private performances. From the second floor, patrons have access to small meeting rooms and the best of the Inn’s state rooms.

The most reserved seating is on the aft deck of the Brass Belly overlooking the Tantra River. A brass covered awning stretches over the deck during incliment weather- but since outside, it is really only open from late spring through the fall.

Great Hall second floor

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