Great Hall main floor

The Great Hall first floor is built bottom deck high to the Brass Belly and the best first floor seating is on the Brass Belly itself, right in front of the stage built on the ship’s forward deck.

The dining menu for first floor guests includes appetizers, soup, a full entree, and dessert. Snack foods are served with drinks during the evening entertainment. The wench staff waits on patrons, making sure their drinks stay full and their tab stays current. Evening entertainment includes card gambling, darts, music, dancing, and acting.

First floor patrons staying at the Inn generally sleep on the third floor, accessible from the staircase at the Northwest end of the building next to the back entrance to the brewery and common kitchen. Fare and drinks are priced from three to six gold and a night’s stay including a full breakfast is three gold during the regular season. For patrons not staying at the Inn, a 3 silver cover charge is collected when they come in.

Eight monsterous candelabra’s hang from the second floor ceiling to illuminate the main floor. The tables and chairs are hand crafted with intricately themed woodland designs worked throughout the construction. The sleek polished wood walls sport a variety of Moose, Elf, Reindeer, and other head trophies. The hearth is made with natural carved stone and has cavities the house cooks use to back breads and cakes.

The exit on the Northeast corner opens to the cliff side stairs leading down to the Inn’s private dock house on the south side of the Tantra River. The stairs on the Southwest corner are barred with a thick rope and sign, “Top Service”.

Great Hall main floor

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