Great Hall basement

The Great Hall expands from the second floor to the basement. A Minitour Man helps guide patrons coming into the Brass Belly Inn towards their seating area. Common folk and laborers are guided towards the stairs into the basement area.

The area is clean but not polished. Orders for food and drink are filled by coming to the bar and carrying it back yourself. You will be given a key with a number on it when your sleeping area is ready. The key opens your footlocker. Food and drink cost around 4 silver and a bed is 5 silver per night.

The lighting is magical torches set in sconces around the walls and pillars that hold up the rest of the structure. The tables and chairs are sturdy made from rough cut wood worn smooth as glass from generations of labor class customers.

The Inn’s four common rooms are located off of the basement, each filled with sturdy beds and foot lockers.

The great hearth is made of rough cut natural stone and is big enough for a man to walk in.

Great Hall basement

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