Brass Belly Inn

The Brass Belly Inn, one of the oldest establishments in Ravens Bluff, is so named because it is built around the majestic 82 foot brass plated war galley aptly named, the Brass Belly. A brass plaque above the front entry reads, “Est. 1432 by Thom Daylcor- the ‘Rest of Success’”.

The natural stone three story Brass Belly Inn is built on a 75 foot bluff overlooking a wide bend on the south side of the mighty Tantra River. The Brass Belly itself resides at the back of the Inn, it’s starboard side hanging precipitously over the edge of the cliff. The Mighty Minatour figure head on her bow looks ever downriver at the merchant ships coming to port on the opposite shore. Her aft sports a magnificent view of the

in the middle of the Great Hall with her aft end hanging out past the end of the building some fifteen feet over the edge of the bluff and the Mighty Minatour figure head on her bow just inside the front entrance.

The Great Hall is an enormous room open to all of the first floor, much of the basement, and some of the second floor. Breakfast is served to guests only. Lunch, supper, and evening entertainment are open to the public. Entertainment includes drinking, gambling, singing, dancing, acting, and harlotry. Minatoar Men, the security team employed by the establishment, have a reputation for keeping things quiet and safe for paying patrons.

The Inn boasts 33 sleeping rooms including the historied state room on the Brass Belly itself. By self proclamation, four of the rooms have always been common rooms, each holding up to sixteen guests. The daily fare includes a range of dishes from porridge, to proper entrees, to exotic dishes individually prepared. All beer and ale served at the Inn is from the Brewery attached to the east side of the building.

Brass Belly Inn

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