Brass Belly

The Brass Belly is an 82 foot brass plated war galley dry docked in the middle of the Great Hall at the Brass Belly Inn. Every surface of the vessel is plated with either brass or a polished black metal and green metal that has the ‘ring’ of brass. The brass plates on the side of the ship are overlapping, like fish scales, giving the entire craft an unworldly look.

The ship has a two story deck at it’s aft, providing for an admiral’s state room and a captain’s deck. It has two short, squat masts, that only rise about 20 feet above the lower deck, just a little higher than the aft deck. On each side are fifteen oar ports, though the oars only reach a few feet out of the ship. Even if it were not brass plated, the Brass Belly looks ill-fitted and much too tall and narrow to make for a proper sailing vessel.

The ships figurehead is black haired minatour female weilding a giant shield emblazened with a sun rising over the top a two trees in one hand and a double bladed battle axe in the other. Poised at the top of the steps just inside the Inn’s front door, she silently greets guests as they enter. The ship’s galley located below the forward deck vents through the minatour’s nose and mouth, causing her to belch cooking smoke from the daily fare morning to night.

The aft of the ship juts out 15 feet from the back of the Inn and over the edge of the cliff which is about 75 feet above the Tantra River. The admiral’s state room is famous both for it’s luxurious accomodation and for the one of a kind view overlooking the mighty Tantra and the North riverbank of Ravens Bluff’s Docks.

Brass Belly

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